Field Work

International Locations:

Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Turkey, USA, Dominican Rep., Tobago, Germany, Balearics, Canaries, Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Mexico.

Languages: French, [Welsh, German, Spanish, Nuer, Bassa]


Missing Maps Field Mapping Co-ordinator and Training Specialist. – Medecins Sans Frontieres UK/Manson Unit

Missing Maps is a field-derived Humanitarian Disaster Management Project. It depends on the digital revolution to empower people within their own communities to take control of how they are represented, mapped, and seen by the outside world.
The project finds its heart not in the technology or tools it uses, or commercially interested organisations backing it, but on the Open Street Map itself, the publicly owned wiki-style platform, accessible to anyone via Smartphone or Computer, to edit, use or develop.

It is a transparent, cost-neutral project by which donors can engage and collaborate with their field counterparts, giving time rather than money to support the production of commonly owned visualisations from satellite and field data. This work, through MSF’s world-renowned Manson Research Unit, enables the delivery of humanitarian assistance in the form of engineering, medical, and cultural intervention in areas generally considered ‘inaccessible’ and ‘precarious’.

2016 – Missing Maps – Sierra Leone. Field Mapping Co-ordinator

2015 – Missing Maps – Epworth, Zimbabwe. Field Mapping Co-ordinator

2011-2013 – Visiting Lecturer/Public Speaker to schools and Universities in the UK, on behalf of Friends of MSF

2010-2011 MSF Mission: Lankien, South Sudan. TechLog/LogAll-Round

1988-89 Liberia Inland Mission, West Africa, school building and youth work project. Short-term Missionary /Project Worker (TechLog)

Personal Fieldwork Projects:

Maintaining critical relationships at executive level and on the ground has always demanded persuasive, context-sensitive diplomacy with agencies, communities and relevant authorities. I have cross-fertilised Film Industry and Relief-Work experience in difficult and isolated overseas environments across language barriers, using community advocacy and whatever technical communication tools made available to me.

Bagaya – Film Research, Uganda

Restoration of Sandpiper of Ynyslas a 38ft Chesapeake Stevens-Designed World Cruising Ketch, from the Keel-up.