Ted X talk 2019

Solving the missing map problem with OpenStreetMap

Missing Maps – how the digital revolution is changing the face of humanitarian disaster relief and the importance of OpenData for society as a whole.

2017-2019: Country Manager, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Uganda.

Uganda Programs:

  • Crowdsourcing Non-Camp Refugee Data, (UNHCR/OPM and USSD)
  • Uganda Open Mapping: Community Disaster Risk Management (KCCA/UBOS/MapUganda and World Bank/OpenDRI)
  • Bridging Development and Emergency Data Gaps for the Refugee Crisis (UNHCR/OPM and GFDRR/GPSDD)
  • Refugee Context Risk Information: National Risk Atlas Drone-Mapping (UNDP/OPM/NECOC and Japanese Embassy).

2017 – Hurricane Irma Response  – Boot key, Marathon, Florida, Volunteer Clean-up and Infrastructure Logistics

2016 – Missing Maps – Sierra Leone. Field Mapping Co-ordinator

2015 – Missing Maps – Epworth, Zimbabwe. Field Mapping Co-ordinator

2011-2013 – Visiting Lecturer/Public Speaker to schools and Universities in the UK, on behalf of Friends of MSF

2010-2011 MSF Mission: Lankien, South Sudan. TechLog/LogAll-Round

1988-89 Liberia Inland Mission, West Africa, school building and youth work project. Short-term Missionary /Project Worker (TechLog)

(Uganda Comms Outputs/Media Collaborations:)


  • May 2019 Plymouth University: The Reciprocal Benefits of Global Health Partnerships Presentation/Workshop
  • March 2019 UWEWK Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment ‘Proof of the centrality of water access for livelihoods and resilience in (non-)settlement refugee contexts.’ Team Presentation/Workshop
  • December 2018 Uganda Media Challenge Expo: Media Challenge Initiative: Refugee Representation using OSM Presentation/Workshop
  • November 2018 Applied Geo-Informatics for Society and Environment; Geoscience for Crisis Management, Windhoek. (Namibia University of Science and Technology): Citizen Participation in Community Mapping: Keynote
  • August 2018 FOSS4G International Data Science Convention, Dar es Salam, Tanzania: Uganda Community Mapping: Conference Presentation
  • September 2017 State of the Map, Ottawa, Canada: West Africa Motorcycle Mapping: Lightning Talk
  • October 2016  Mentorship and Prize-Giving: Crisis Hack: Geovation Ordnance Survey
  • July 2014 Sensi Hub Digital Innovation Sierra Leone


  • Chapter: (Forthcoming) University of Westminster (CAMRI): Mapping Crisis (Taxonomies of Migration: towards a United Statelessness)
  • Journal Article: (Forthcoming) Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (TRSTM), (as Co-Author): Determination of true patient-origin through motorcycle mapping; design and implementation of a community-defined geographic infrastructure surveillance tool in rural Sierra Leone.
  • Chapter (March 2019): Uganda Water and Environment National Conference (UWEWK): ‘Citizen geo-science, and the centrality of water access for livelihoods and resilience in (non-)settlement refugee contexts.

International Locations:

Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Turkey, USA, Dominican Rep., Tobago, Germany, Balearics, Canaries, Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Mexico.

Languages: French, [Welsh, German, Spanish, Nuer, Bassa]

Personal Fieldwork Projects:

Maintaining critical relationships at executive level and on the ground has always demanded persuasive, context-sensitive diplomacy with agencies, communities and relevant authorities. I have cross-fertilised Film Industry and Relief-Work experience in difficult and isolated overseas environments across language barriers, using community advocacy and whatever technical communication tools made available to me.

Bagaya – Film Research, Uganda