Thriving under pressure on set, Rupert’s technical abilities lend a calm but dynamic can-do atmosphere to many film units. He has balanced site-specific location-work with the design of complex and large-scale studio sets to execute high quality and award-winning drama.

2008 When Women Rule The World September Films/Channel 4

Art directing for reality TV with a difference. On location on a remote beach in the Dominican Republic. Art Director

2003 Lady Jane – Granada TV Topical Docu-Feature. Granada Factual

Feature-length factual drama about Jane Andrews, royal dresser to The Duchess of York, and her murder conviction. Production Designer

2002 Mile High – 13 part TV Drama. Sky 1

Flagship Sky drama about an Airline crew; their lives and loves. Production Designer

1998 Operation Goodguys BBC2

A British Comedy and mockumentary series about an elite police unit’s bid to snare one of Britain’s most powerful crime lords. Standby Props, Standby Art Director, Set Decorator and Fixer

1999-2007 Dream Team, Hewland International, Sky 1 and Sky 3

This British television series chronicled the on-field and off-field affairs of the fictional Harchester United Football Club. Set Construction, Scenic Effects, Special Dressing Props, Standby, Art Director, Supervising Art Director