Revisiting the Mindship

So I’m waiting to drop off a toilet cistern for re-enamelling in Solihull, and I think, ‘I know, I’ll go and see the Mindship in the Touchwood Centre.
So I am sitting underneth it as we speak, with the images of the build process on my laptop here, from all those years ago, and trying to remember how I put it together, work out which strand was number 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Each length with a different personality, doing my head in as they bucked and bent in that sweaty workshop in Hackney. Three months work finished in three weeks. Mental.
I’m looking up, quietly counting and talking to myself, and a young couple come past, she is staring at me, nudges him, he looks at me, back at the Mindship, smiling back at her, knowingly. Is this consternation a common sight, their little local secret? If so, it is very gratifying. They probably don’t even know the name of the ‘MINDSHIP’!That Damned Mindship!

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